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Bibi Khodjar the mausoleum.

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“Have the violence and cruelty of the sky, not seen by me, remained?
Are misfortunes and sufferings beyond the control of my sick heart!
They saw the darkness of their enemies
And they looked at them, miserable and distraught. ”

Zahir ad-Din Mohammed Babur. "Babur-Nama."

Sacred places of Khorezm.

Mausoleum Bibi Khodjar is constructed per 1846, located in territory of collective farm Rusmat Madaminova, it is the big memorial complex which includes the mausoleum, a winter mosque and a cemetery.
Bibi Khodjar was mother of the great thinker and teacher Nazhmiddina Kubra. The mausoleum has been constructed in many years after its death, during board Mukhammad of Rakhim-khan, it confirms an inscription on a column of a winter mosque.
The Mausoleum has been restored before celebrating 850 eyars from the date of birth  Nazhmiddina Kubra.

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