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Babur about Ulugbek Observatory.

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“That was the day the ancient songs of blood and war spilled from a hole in the sky
And there was a long moment as we listened and fell silent in our grief and then one by one, we stood tall and came together and began to sing of life and love and all that is good and true
And I will never forget that day when the ancient songs died because there was no one in the world to sing them” 

Brian Andreas.

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Another high the construction of the Ulug Bek Mirza Observatory at the foot of the hill Kuhak, where the instrument for the compilation of star tables. There are three tiers. Ulug Bek Mirza wrote in this Observatory "Gurganov table", which is now enjoyed all over the world.
Other tables used rarely. Previously used "Ilhan tables", which amounted by Khoja Nasir-Tusi during the time of Hulagu Khan in Maragha. Hulagu Khan is the one, which is also called Il-Khan.
Apparently, in the world was built not more than seven or eight observatories.
One Observatory was made by the Caliph MA'mun, it says "Ma unova table". Bitlimus also built the Observatory; another Observatory was built in Hindustan, during the reign of Raja Vikramajit Hindu, in Ujjain and Dhar, that is, in the state of Malwa, which is now called Mandu.
These tables are now Indians in Hindustan. Since the construction of this Observatory was held one thousand five hundred eighty-four. In comparison with the above-mentioned tables, tables of Bikramjit less than perfect.

Zakhir Ad-Din Mohammed Babur. «Babur-name». Events of year of eight hundred ninety ninth, 1493 - 1494 (Translation M.A.Salye) the Text is reproduced under the edition: Babur-name Tashkent. The main edition of encyclopedias. 1992