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Bolshetyuktinsky waterfall.

Natural places of Kazakhstan.

“At the very top, pine trees also grow,
Their roots are strong - no way
will not let the trees fall down.
Inaccessible mountain -
Some hawks build their nests there.”

  Saken Seifullin. Poem "Kokshetau".

Waterfalls of Akmola region.

Bolshetyuktinsky (kaz. Aulie Bulak) (Isakovsky, Uyalinsky, Boyevsky) waterfall is located at an altitude of 458 meters above sea level, located in the central part of the Zhaksytukty mountain granite massif, 6.4 kilometers southwest of the village of Isakovka, 6.5 kilometers west and slightly south of the village of Uyaly, 12.1 kilometers east and slightly south of the village of Preobrazhenka, 39.5 kilometers south and slightly east of the village of Zerenda in the Sandyktau district of the Akmola region.
The Bolshetyuktinsky waterfall is located among a pine forest and to the east of the Bolshiye Tokty tract. It is from the name of this tract that the waterfall got its name - Bolshetyuktinsky. The Zhaksytukty mountains are composed of granites, which are located on the Precambrian base.
It should be noted that the waterfall is located on the territory of the Bolshetyuktinsky and Sandyktausky forestry enterprises of the Sandyktausky district. The waterfall can be seen in spring and early summer while there is still water in the Sarkirama stream, on which it is located.
In the middle and end of summer, the water in the stream ends and it can be seen again only after rainfall. During a walk to the waterfall and its surroundings, you can see and meet elk, roe deer, hares and squirrels.
From birds there are partridges, black grouse, woodpeckers. Benches were built next to the waterfall, a table and two stoves were laid out of cameos.
Geographical coordinates of Bolshetyuktinsky waterfall: N52°33'22.31" E69°16'43.44"

If you are using geographic coordinates for Google Earth or Google Maps navigation systems, you must remove the last two digits from geographic coordinates and " (hundredths of a second) and enter the result in the input line.
Example: N51°44'09.67" E72°39'40.81" = N51°44'09 E72°39'40

Alexander Petrov.

Photos by
Vitaly Shuptar.