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Bukhara from Karakhanids to Temurids.

Historical tours in Bukhara.

“The end can last longer than the entire previous story”

Martin Heidegger.

Bukhara & Central Asia on Great Silk Road. 

From Karakhanids to Temurids (XI - XV centuries) at the end of X century. The Samanid state fell under the blow of the Turkic armies of the Karakhanids, who in 999 captured Bukhara and subjugated the land from East Turkestan to Amudarya.
In the second half of the 11th century, the Western Karakhanids recognized the supremacy of the Seljuks, who had mastered the territories from Central to Asia Minor. At the beginning of the XII century. The head of the western Karakhanids, Arelan Khan III (died in 1130) restored the citadel and walls of Bukhara, built the Juma mosque and the Kalyan minaret. In 1141, Sultan Sanjar (died in 1157) ceded the lands of Maverannakhr to Kara-Hitayam.
In 1182 Khorezmshahs conquered Bukhara, seizing at the beginning of the 13th century. leadership in Central Asia and the Middle East. After the Mongols defeated the state of Khorezmshah in the 1220s, Maverannahr entered the inheritance of the son of Genghis Khan Chagatai (died 1242).
According to the descriptions of Marco Polo, until the 1260s, Bukhara was a prosperous city. In the middle of the thirteenth century here built large madrassas "Masoudiye" and "Chaniye". The city was badly damaged during the Mongolian strife of the 1270s, after which the Bukhara oasis became deserted.
The revival of Maverannahr began in the first half of the thirteenth century with the strengthening of the state of Chagatai. Its main urban centers: Samarkand, Shakhrisabz, Bukhara flourished in the period of Temuridska renaissance, which began with the rule of Amir Temur (1370-1405).

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