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Bust Mirzo Tursun-zade in Dushanbe.

Tourist trip to Dushanbe.

“And only two are not among those walking,
Only two lovers lost track.
You can’t count two drops among the waves of the river,
Two falcons fought off the others."

Mirzo Tursun-zade.

Mirzo Tursun-zаde bust in Dushanbe.

Bust of Mirzo Tursun-zade is installed in front of the building of the Tajik State Institute of Arts named after Mirzo Tursunzade located along Aini Street, between Rudaki Avenue and Lokhuti Street, opposite Aini Square in Dushanbe.
Monument to the famous Tajik Soviet writer, awarded the title Hero of Tajikistan, People's Poet of Tajikistan Mirzo Tursun-zade. Tursun-zade Mirzo (Mirzo Tursun-zoda), famous Tajik poet, writer, screenwriter, literary critic and public figure; People's poet of the Tajik SSR (1961), Hero of Socialist Labor (1967), laureate of the Lenin (1960) and Stalin Prizes of the second degree (1948), the International Nehru Prize (1967), was born on May 2, 1911 in the "palms of Asia" - the Gissar Valley on the bank of the mountain river Karatag, which became for him a symbol of the life-giving poetic word.
Geographical coordinates of bust of Mirzo Tursun-zade in city of Dushanbe: N38°33'48.04" E68°47'56.79"
Bust of Mirzo Tursun-zade, installed in city park Luchob in Dushanbe.
On the memorial of the mausoleum of Mirzo Tursun-zade, located in Luchob Park, north of Karamov Street, near the high hill of the same name, which rises at the bend of the Luchob and Varzob rivers in the northwestern part of the city of Dushanbe, there is a bust of the outstanding poet of Tajikistan Mirzo Tursun-zade.
Geographical coordinates of mausoleum of Mirzo Tursun-zade in Luchob park of Dushanbe: N38°36'03.80" E68°46'06.08"

Authority and photos by:
Javad Abed Khorasani.