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Firdousi monument.

Rest in Dushanbe.

"The moon is dark, the firmament is gloomy,
From the black cloud the snow is coming, coming.
Neither mountains, nor rivers, nor fields are visible,
And the crow, which is darker than the darkness, is not visible.
I have no firewood, no corned beef,
And no - until the new harvest - barley.
Though I see snow - an ivory mountain -
I am afraid of requisitions at such a time.
The whole world turned upside down all of a sudden...
At least a friend helped me with something!”

Abulkasim Firdousi.

The monument to Firdousi is located in the southern part of the park named after Abulkasim Firdousi (the former Park of Friendship of Peoples) in the city of Dushanbe. The monument is located at the beginning of the central alley of the park and faces Abulkasim Firdousi Street.
The monument was erected in 1992 and is a monumental sculpture of the poet, made of bronze. The statue rises on a two-stage pedestal lined with granite slabs. Abulqasim Mansur Hasan Firdowsi is revered as a national poet in a number of Islamic countries.
His most famous work is the poem "Shahname", dedicated to Sultan Mahmud of Ghaznevid, who had the poet in his service for a long time.
Geographic coordinates of the Firdousi monument in Dushanbe: N38°31'08.10" E68°45'20.35"
Bust of Abulkasim Firdousi is installed on the central facade of the National Library of Tajikistan named after Firdousi.
Hakim Abulkasim Firdowsi Tusi (935 - 1020) - Persian poet, classic of Persian literature, author of the epic poem "Shahnameh" ("Book of Kings"). He is popular and is considered a national poet in Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Ferdowsi lived in the Xth century on the territory of Greater Iran (Greater Persia), in Khorasan.
Three centuries earlier, in the 7th century, Sasanian Persia was conquered by the Arabs and became part of the Caliphate. During the time of the central authority of the caliph, the Persian language and culture were supplanted by Arabic ones, but by the end of the IXth century the caliphate weakened and local Muslim dynasties (the so-called Iranian intermezzo) came to power.
Geographic coordinates of the bust of Abulkasim Firdousi installed on central facade of National Library of Tajikistan named after Firdousi in Dushanbe: N38°34'23.55" E68°47'01.08"

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