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Chalk cliffs of Olenti-Beloyarka.

Natural attractions of Akmola region.

“Frankly speaking, a traveler needs to be born, and one should set off into the distance only in years of full strength”

Petr Kozlov.

Best places in Akmola region.

The chalk cliffs of Olenti or Beloyarka are located at an altitude of 554 meters above sea level, located on the right bank of the drying channel of the Olenti River, 1 km northeast of the village of Beloyarka, 19.6 kilometers southwest of the village of Kunshalgan, 26.8 kilometers southeast of the village of Olginka in the Arshaly district of the Akmola region.
The Olenti cliffs are located in the southernmost part of the Ereymentau mountains, almost on the border with the Karaganda region. Chalk cliffs in the northeast of the village of Beloyarka are a new natural attraction for a wide range of tourists interested in the unsurpassed nature of Kazakhstan.
This rare phenomenon in this area has two names, one name is given by the drying up channel of the Olenti River and by the name of the settlement, which is located in the immediate vicinity from here. Snow-white outcrops of white clays beckon with their romantic mystery.
For these places, this is an unexpected and rare phenomenon when such beauty in the form of snow-white rocks appears before the gaze of the traveler, created by the labor of mother nature. The grandeur of snow-white chalk cliffs creates a unique symbol of beauty and pristine nature.
The origin of these Cretaceous layers is interesting, most likely they belong to the sedimentary rocks of the Cretaceous geological period. The name comes from the Latin creta, which means chalk.
Geographical coordinates of Olenti cliffs (Beloyarka): N50°58'38.30" E72°57'27.92"

Alexander Petrov.

Photos by
Viktor Shuptar.