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Dishan-Kala water supply.

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"Where the water ends, the earth ends there"

Uzbek saying.

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Let us dwell in a few words on the water supply of Dishan-Kala and the khan's country gardens. Aryk Palvan-Yap, 300 - 400 steps north of the Gandumkan gate, is divided into Ak-Yap and Sirchali. Sirchali enters the limits of Dishan-Kala along the eastern and southern sides of the Nurullabay garden.
Flowing waters did not penetrate Ichan-Kala, and therefore around every gate of it was dug through a large house, from which water was carried by the inhabitants of the city. During the siege, the inhabitants of Ichan-Kala used exclusively water from wells containing a very significant amount of salts.
From about mid-November to early April, the city houses were not supplied with fresh water. The water spoiled, but it was barely enough until the spring launch of water in the canals. Aryk Sirchali leaves the city near the gate of the same name.
Here were located the gardens of Khiva khans Ra-fanek and Qibla-Taza-Bag, which served as the summer residences of the khans.

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