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Duzen mausoleum.

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"History of the Great Silk way is charming, filled by fearless researchers, military campaigns, the believing pilgrims and great thinkers, besides there were both simple and enterprising dealers who risked life, traveling in caravans around deserts, mountains and steppes"

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Duzen mausoleum is located on the ancient necropolis of Duzan Sandybai, 705 meters from the right (western) bank of the Kara-Kengir River, 4.1 kilometers southwest of the village of Kokolen, 19.1 kilometers northwest of the village of Malshybai in Ulytau district of the Karaganda region. 
Duzen mausoleum belongs to type of dome mausoleums under - the square plan. The mausoleum presents a rectangle on which the 10-faced reel covered with a dome is installed in the plan. Internal diameter of a dome 5 meters, 4 columns 10 meters high supports the semi-arches decorated with small figured tiles.
External Square of the base 8,5 x 10,2 meters, internal - 5,4 x 5,4 meters. The doorway of the main facade 1,70 x 0,77 meters, 3 other facades are put by a diamond-shaped laying. On the second floor there is a gallery of a drum, and in corners - platforms for prayers.
On the left side there is a spiral staircase conducting in gallery. Duzen Sandybayula mausoleum is built in the middle of the XIXth century in 1863 - 1866 Kazakh master of Serala Elamanula by request of the large feudal lord Erdyn of a sort Naiman over a grave of his brother Zhuzden.
Represents the bad copy of the mausoleum Alasha-hana. The mausoleum is built from a burned brick on a clay samannom solution. According to stories of old residents at production of a brick for its durability sheep milk was added.
A construction of a cubic form with a hemispherical dome. At the heart of the mausoleum a square with sizes of the parties on internal measurement. The portal with a semicircular arch. The archivolt of an arch leans on six-sided three-quarter columns which stand on ledges of internal corners of poles.
The arch from three parties is framed with a belt from tiles of square shape with a tile. The frieze consists of a belt of tiles of square shape with drawings of octagons. The same belt passes by the top part of other walls.
A forward part of side walls is decorated by a bricklaying in "fir-tree". Other plane of side walls and a back facade are decorated with a figured bricklaying in the form of rhombuses. The monument on volume composition, decorative finishing and quality of construction works substantially concedes to the mausoleum Alasha-hana.
In some sources Duzen mausoleum Karamola, Zhuzden, the Zen, Dzhuzden are mistakenly called Architectural elements Duzen mausoleum are similar to the mausoleum Alash-hana.
Geographic coordinates of the Duzen mausoleum: N48 ° 28'57.05 "E67 ° 38'07.65"

 Duzen mausoleum. 2011. Duzen mausoleum. 2011. Duzen mausoleum. 2011. Duzen mausoleum. 2011. Duzen mausoleum. 2011. Duzen mausoleum. 2011.

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Photos by
Alexander Petrov.