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Excursion by cable ways Almaty.

Traveler attraction in Almaty.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” 

Augustine of Hippo.

The brief description of mountain route in Zailiskii Alatau:

Almaty - gorge Small Almaty - valley Medeo of 1690 meters above sea level - mud dam «Medeo» valley Gorelnik - mounting skiing resort Shymbulak of 2230 meters above sea level - pass Big Talgar 3163 meters above sea level – hiking Zimin stone - Almaty.

Distance of the route: 54 km.
Hiking season: year-round.
Best time for hiking: May - September.
The advanced order: for 48 hours.
Duration of the hiking: 1 day.

The detailed program of walk on Cable way in Almaty and gorge Small Almaty:

Main tourist attractions in Almaty.

Transfer to city station Cable way "Kok-Tobe" at palace of Republic. Rise on Cable way on mountain the Kok-Tobe of 1130 meters above sea level (1,7 km, 5 minutes). Walk in vicinities of mountain the Kok-Tobe. From viewing platform which is, on northern part of mountain the kind on city Almaty from height of the bird's flight opens.
Visiting on mountain the Kok-Tobe: zoo (birds of prey, pheasants, peacocks, deers, llamas both other animals and birds), monument to group "Beatles", shop of souvenirs, art gallery. Descent by the bus from mountain the Kok-Tobe on bus station.
Transfer: Bus station - valley Medeo (15 km). Our way from city in valley Medeo conducts on the south on the central street of city - Dostyk, after boundary school is passed Spa Centre «Luxor» which is to the right of road, then passed numerous cottages on both parties of road, further to the right of road, on turn on Kamenskoe plateau is luxurious hotel “Roal Tulip”.
Further we pass construction an ecological post at which now will be new earmarking.
Right at the beginning of natural boundary Medeo to the left of road there is first station cable way, travelling on which it is possible to get on ski resort Shymbulak. From here our travel to mountains Zailijskiy Ala-Tau begins.
Rise on cable way from valley Medeo to high-mountainous ski resort «Shymbulak» (4, 5 km, 15 minutes). It is the third in the world cable way on extent.
At rise on cable way on «Shymbulak», the magnificent kind on mountains Northern Tien-Shan with tops opens: Tchkalov of 3800 meters above sea level, Abaya 4010 meters above sea level, Schoolboy, Komsomol of 4376 meters above sea level.
Below floats an ice skating rink «Medeo», mud dam in Small Almaty gorge, from the right party from us valley Gorelnik, small river Small Almaty (Almatinka), the road leading from Almaty on resort «Shymbulak». Arrival on ski resort «Shymbulak». Walk on viewing platform with kind on city and mountains.
Continuation of rise on the second cable way «Kombi-1» on terminal station "Kombi-2 " (1,7 km, 10 minutes). Arrival on terminal station "Kombi-1 ". Photographing of panorama of city and vicinities of mounting skiing resort from panoramic platform at station.
Continuation of rise on the second cable way «Kombi-2» up to pass Big Talgar 3163 meters above sea level (1,5 km, 8 minutes). Short walk in vicinities of pass Big Talgar.
From pass the panorama on city Almaty, Small Almaty gorge, on mountains Zailiyskiy Alatau opens. Picnic with champagne. Walk in vicinities of pass Big Talgar, to Zimin's stone. Returning in Almaty. 

 Kind on city Almaty from pass Big Talgar.Mountains Zailijskyi of Ala-Tau.Cable way to vicinities of valley Gorelnik.Station cable way to valley Medeo.Peak of Komsomol.Cable way to vicinities of valley Medeo.Cable way to vicinities of valley Medeo.Kind with cable way on cottages Shymbulak.Terminal station cable way «Kombi-2» on pass Big Talgar.In vicinities of valley Medeo.A under construction station cable way to valley Medeo.Glaciers Zailiskyi Ala-Tau.

The author program is Alexander Petrov. Copying and introduction -  from the sanction of the author

Alexander Petrov