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Fauna in park of Bayanaul.

Observation of animals in the national park Bayanaul.

“Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Trip to park Bayanaul from Pavlodar.

The fauna of the Bayanaul State National Natural Park is represented by 48 species of mammals belonging to 5 orders. Insectivorous detachment 5 species, predatory detachment 9 species, cloven-hoofed detachment 3 species, an important object is the Kazakhstan subspecies of mountain sheep - argali, listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, the other 2 species of roe deer and elk are very rare, they only make seasonal migrations, the rodent detachment has 3 species , the order of bats is represented by the largest number of 23 species and the order is hare-shaped 4 species.
The most numerous representatives of the faunal diversity of the national park are birds. In total, nesting of 67 bird species belonging to 10 families is recorded here. Nesting numbers do not include many waterfowl and near-water birds that breed in bodies of water.
There are migratory birds staying in the national park for rest and feeding in spring and autumn. The total number of birds according to research reports of PSU named after S. Toraigyrova makes up 19 detachments, 38 families, 144 species in the national park.
The ichthyofauna of the reservoirs of the national park includes 13 species of fish belonging to 3 orders and 3 families. The most representative family of cyprinids, numbering 10 species. There are no endemic species in the lakes. According to the reporting data of PSU. S.
Toraigyrova identified 87 species of insects (class insects) and 10 species of aquatic invertebrates (class gastropods). Of the insects, 69 species are background, common small and 18 rare. In taxonomic terms, they belong to 9 orders of 37 families and 67 genera of the insect class. Lepidoptera are confined to mixed grass piedmont steppes, valleys, outskirts of birch and pine mountain forests, open forest glades with high grass stand, comprise 17 families, 70 species.
Coleoptera is an important component of the ecosystem of the Bayanaul mountain-forest massif - 30 species of beetles were identified from the collections. The diversity of the species composition is also distinguished by representatives of the order of the semi-horned, 12 species belonging to 8 families are common.
In the Bayanaul State National Natural Park, including its cluster plots, and in the expansion territory, 12 species of birds are listed in the Red Book of the country. Saja only occasionally flies into the territory of the national park, a saker, golden eagle, burial ground, steppe eagle, eagle owl, dwarf eagle, black-headed laughter can be found on nesting sites.
A black stork, a curly pelican, a whooper swan, a belladonna crane are found on spring and autumn flights. Three species from the list (peregrine falcon, saker and burial ground), as well as the great spotted eagle, steppe harrier and steppe kestrel are globally threatened species and are included in the second IUCN list and the list of threatened species BirdLife International.
Of the mammals listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan on the territory of the Bayanaul Park and the Kzyl-Tau Wildlife Sanctuary, there is a Kazakh mountain sheep and from the insectivorous detachment, the genus of the shrew shrew is listed in the Red Book of the country - the small shrew. Among the invertebrates, a dragonfly squad is listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, the family of beauty is the species of beauty - a girl, from the rocker family, the patrolman is the emperor, and from the order of the winged-winged family of ground beetles - the nettle was beautiful.

Advertising booklet of Bayanaul Park, 2003.

Alexander Petrov.