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Flora of Kokshetau park.

Botanical tours in the Kokshetau park.

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Travel across the Kokshetau park.

The vegetation on the territory of the Kokshetau National Natural Park is similar to the landscape features of the entire region, here we see the flora of different eras, the oldest lichens and ferns are woody shrub plants.
Vegetation is represented by species characteristic of forest steppes and the steppe zone. About 500 plant species grow in the park, of which 84 species belong to endangered plants that need special protection. Of the woody vegetation, the most common are pine and birch, which occupy an area of ​​about 61,580 ha.
Larch, ash, maple, and elm grow in small quantities in the park. Many species of plants found in the national park are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, among them are: reindeer moss and others. The territory of the national natural park also has large stocks of various edible mushrooms, there are several hundred species.
The main tree species is pine, which occupies the foot, slopes and peaks of low hills and ridges, between the hills of a plain and a hollow. Associated tree species - birch (warty and fluffy) and aspen - form plantations mixed with pine.
From the bushes there are juniper, dogrose, hawthorn, willow, raspberry, currant. The flora contains many northern relict plants - fern, etc.

Advertising brochure of Kokshetau park. 2002.

Alexander Petrov.