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Gallery Has-Sanat.

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“Inspiration ... is nothing but the fact that everyone who is in a state of inspiration is absorbed in the subject, completely goes into it and does not calm down until he finds a completely appropriate art form and gives it the last coinage, does not bring it to perfection”

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

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The gallery "Nas-Sanat" opened in 2003. This has become an additional window of art in the cultural life of the capital. The name of the gallery is an example of the revival of the long-forgotten primordially Kazakh words and the expressions “Khas Batyr” (real Batyr) and “Khas Sulu” (truly beautiful), and in translation means “true art”.
The name of the gallery, translated from the Kazakh language, means “real art”. The gallery conducts active educational activities and is an exhibition platform for famous artists of Kazakhstan and other countries, opening up new talents and names to the general public.
For a short period of its existence, the gallery held the exhibition “Named!” By E. Tolepbaya “From Dali and E . Tolepby "in Paris, dedicated to Salvador Dali. Expositions of famous artists A. Noda, B. Bapishev, R. Akan-ev, B. Turgambay, as well as St. Petersburg artist Yu. Rychkov were organized. Astana connoisseurs of art were able to get acquainted with the sculptures made of wood by A. Kasymov, the sculptures and tapestries of E. Kazaryan, the works of the sculptor Sh.
Toles and tapestries and graphics of his daughter S. Toles in the Khas-Sanat gallery. The exhibition of theatrical artists E. Musabalinov and his students had a great resonance in the capital. The gallery took part in a charity auction in London.
Ten works of such Kazakhstani artists as A. Akanaev, A. Noda, B. Bapishev, R. Akanaev, E. Kazaryan, L. Urazbekova, E. Volkova, E. Mukanova-Khurshudyan were presented at the auction. Opening days at Has-Sanat are held every month.
The gallery plans to organize exhibitions not only of Kazakhstani artists abroad, but also of artists from other countries in Kazakhstan. “Khas Sanat” takes part in international exhibitions and for the first 10 years of work has visited 28 exhibitions in Astana and 10 abroad: in Russia, Turkey, South Korea, Great Britain, the Netherlands and other countries.
In the gallery you can see and purchase paintings, as well as attend master classes, cultural projects, thematic meetings. Address: 113 Abay Ave., OKAN Inter Continental Hotel, 391,268. Hours: daily from 1 am to 7 pm, except Sunday.

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