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Glacier of Tuyk-Su.

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“It is untrue that equality is a law of nature. Nature has no equality; its sovereign law is subordination and dependence” 

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The Glacial circus of the Tuyuk-Su glacier is located in the upper reaches of the Maloalmatinsky gorge in the Medeu district of the Almaty region at an altitude of 3454 to 4231 meters above sea level. There are river sources Small Almaty who begins with several glaciers, basic of which, the glacier of Tuyk-Su and a glacier Molodezhnyi are.
The main observations were made on the Tuyuksu glacier (3.8 kilometers long, 3.2 square kilometers). The height of the end of the glacier is 3400 meters above sea level, the firn line is 3800 meters above sea level.
The thickness of the ice in the middle part of the glacier is 50 - 80 m. The average speed of ice movement is 22.3 m / year. For the period from 1964 to 1974, the average annual accumulation on the Tuyuksu glacier was 104.6 g / cm2, ablation was 118 g / cm2, and the balance was -13 g / cm2.
Of the 10 years of observation, 5 years were with a negative balance and 5 years with a positive one. Over the same period, the mass balance of the remaining glaciers of the Tuyuksu basin was negative (from - 11 to - 28 g / cm2 per year).
In the basin as a whole, the average weight balance over 10 years was 14.3 g / cm2. Over 25 years (1937 - 1962), the area of ​​the Tuyuksu glacier decreased by 0.084 square kilometers (Tuyuksu Glaciers. 1984).
Glaciers of the southern slope of Zailiysky Alatau and the northern slope of Kungoy-Ala-Too give runoff to the Chilik and Chon-Kemin river basins. The Chilik River flows east along a wide longitudinal valley, the upper section of which is a well-defined spur.
It is formed from the confluence of the Zhangyryk, Southeast Talgar and Southern Issyk rivers, starting from the largest glaciers of the Northern Tien Shan - Zhangyryk, Bogatyr and Korzhenevsky. In total, there are 249 glaciers in the Chilik River Basin with an area of ​​302.4 square kilometers.
There are relatively few large glaciers. The largest valley and hollow glaciers are confined to the Chiliko-Keminsky lintel and to the Talgar massif. Glacial circus Tuyk-Su is among tops, the most northwest top is the mountain Kumbel 3618,8 meters high above sea level in the ridge Kumbel.
To the south there is the following anonymous top in the ridge which divides the Small Almaty gorge with the valley of the river Kumbel-Su 3867,4 meters high above sea level. Closes glacial circus Tuyk-Su in the southwest top Molodezhnyi 4 103 meters high above sea level.
The peak of Pogrebetsky, from which goes down on the North, the central part of a glacier of Tuyk-Su 4231 high is the most southern top of glacial circus Tuyk-Su. Further on the northeast there is a pass Tuyk-Su from which, a little more than 3 kilometers on a straight line, there is a top of Patriotic war 4 208,5 meters high above sea level.
To the north between glaciers Youth and glacial circus Tuyk-Su is the Glacial station of institute of geography of Kazakhstan founded in 1956 personnel of which watches the movement and thawing of glaciers. Now the station is only in Central Asia where observations of glaciers continue.
On a meteorological station of Tuyuk-Su average annual temperature minus 6,4 degrees, in January - minus 15,5 degrees, in July - plus 2,8 degrees. The sum of positive average monthly temperatures of the summer period - 6,5 degrees. Frosts reach 40 degrees.
Geographical coordinates of Tuyuk-Su glacier: N43°03'50,71" E77°04'45,52"

On the Tuyuk-Su glacier. Photo postcard. 30s of the XX century.

Authority and photos
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