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Glaciers of Eastern Pamirs.

Traveling in the mountains of the Eastern Pamirs.

“Going to the mountains follows during the period of spiritual ascent”

N. Stanislavsky.

The nature of Eastern Pamirs.

In the Eastern Pamirs, glaciers are widespread on the Muzkol, Zulumart ranges, Sarykolsky, Severo-Alichursky, Yuzhno-Alichursky, Vakhansky and others. The absolute height of these ridges is up to 5500 - 6200 meters above sea level, but above flat valleys and basins they rise only 800 - 1500 meters above sea level, have gently sloping ridges and relatively weakly dissected.
Glaciers are confined to the highest parts of the ranges, mainly to slopes of the northern exposure, the vertical range of glaciation is small (500 - 600 meters). Valley glaciers with short, wide and gentle tongues, slope and hanging glaciers predominate.
Caravan and valley glaciers are found in significant quantities in the western part of the Eastern Pamirs on the Zulumart, Muzkol and other ridges, the relief of which is more deeply dissected. A total of 2119 glaciers in the Eastern Pamirs with a total area of ​​1374.3 square kilometers.
Most glaciers are 1 kilometer square or less, and only 7 glaciers are larger than 10 square kilometers.

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