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Glaciers of Vali.

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"The mountain ranges, along which the oases of Central Azin are exclusively located, determine both their origin and their continued existence"

N. M. Przhevalsky.

Glaciers of Tajikistan.

Vali Glacier is located in the Murgab district of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region in the northern part of the Zaalai Range in Tajikistan. The length of the glacier is 7.6 kilometers, an area of ​​11.9 kilometers square.
In May 1976, the front of this glacier did not reach the port side of the Sauksay River valley for about 60 - 80 meters, crawling along the flat bottom of the valley in the form of a “lion's paw”. The lower 6 kilometers of the glacier snout were split by a network of cracks, and in the upper reaches the surface decreased by 30 - 50 meters. In the spring of 1977, the front of the glacier for 300 meters abutted against the left side of the valley, blocking the channel of the Sauksai River, which flowed under the glacier (Desinov et al. 1977).

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Alexander Petrov.