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Kaiyndy glacier.

Tours across the Issyk-Kul region.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”

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Travel on glaciers of the Central Tien Shan.

Kaindy, the glacier is located on the southwest suburb of the ridge Caen-tenir. From the North the glacier is limited to the Enilchek-Too ridge, from the South - the ridge Kayndy of the same name. Length of a glacier of 25,8 kilometers, the area of 107,5 kilometers square, from them 68,3 kilometers square. I
s the share of accumulation of this glacier, 39,2 kilometers square to the area a glacier zone, from them 4,9 kilometers square are covered with a continuous moraine. The top part of a snow zone settles down at the height of 5420 meters above sea level, height of the snow line of a glacier of 4440 meters above sea level.
The lower part of a glacier settles down at the height of 3270 meters above sea level. In system of a glacier of Kayndy there are more than 20 glaciers of inflows and 14 independent glaciers. Most inflows glaciers - Schmidt and Powerful are larger.
Belongs to type of treelike glaciers, accepts tens of inflows, some are independent difficult glaciers. The area of glaciers represents an extensive multichamber glacier. Treats the pulsing glaciers. From Kaindy glacier the river Kayndy of the same name flowing across the territory of Aksuusky district of the Issyk-Kul region originates.
The river Kaindy is the left inflow of the river of Sary_Dzhaz. Kan-Tenir begins from Kaindy glacier, in the southwest of the periphery of the massif. Length of the river is 50 kilometers, the area of a reservoir of the river of 599 kilometers square. Kaindy inflows - the rivers At-Dzhayloo, Uch-Chat and other rivers of the region.
In a river basin of Kaindy there are 73 glaciers with a total area of 158 kilometers of square. The main source of the rivers - thawed snow and glacial snow. The high water on the river comes in summertime. Average a water consumption in the river Kaindy - 10 cubic meters a second.
The region of a glacier of Kaindy often visited by mountain tourists and climbers, characterized heights of tops to 6073 meters above sea level. Around a glacier there is a large number of not conquered peaks. The routes here combined, ice and snow and, height differences to 1000 - 1500 meters.
First climbing expeditions visited here in 1995. It is possible to reach the area by helicopter, and with the help motor transport and porters. By helicopter from the camp Mayda-Adyr 45 minutes of flight. On the car it is possible to reach from the city of Karakol through the pass Chong-Ashuu to the settlement Inylchek on the 150th kilometer asphalted road.
Further about 30 kilometers, in the beginning 8 - 10 kilometers on the bad mountain road in the valley of the river Kaindy, and further without road it is possible to pass only on the cross-country vehicle. From a final moraine of a glacier of Kayndy where the car on foot can reach two days upper courses of a glacier of Kaindy.
There are no porters in the area, it is necessary to bring them with itself from the city of Karakol.

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