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Kamyskol Lake in Kulsary.

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"And the new sun will shine in the fog,
And there will be dragonflies of the shadow
And the proud swans of ancient legends
Steps will go to whites”

Nikolai Gumilev. "Lakes."

Lakes of Atyrau region.

Kamyskol Lake is located in the southeastern part of the Atyrau region in the Zhylyoi region. Taking its source in Mugodzhary, the river Will flows into the river Zhem, which nourishes the entire Zhylyoi region with its life-giving moisture.
Through the canals of Bahashy and Kursay, the Kamyskol Lake forms from the Zhem River. Lake Kamyskol stretches from the southeast to northwest. The length of the lake is 3 km 200 meters, the greatest width is 1 km 300 meters. T
he lake is located in the western part of the village of Kulsary, on the southern part of the lake, a small distance is located part of the village of Kulsary.

Kamyskol Lake in Kulsary.Kamyskol Lake in Kulsary.Kamyskol Lake in Kulsary.Kamyskol Lake in Kulsary.Kamyskol Lake in Kulsary.

Authority and photos:
Alexander Petrov.