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Karasakal necropolis.

Monuments of history and culture of Aktobe region.

"The history of nations is a scale of human disasters, the divisions of which are designated by revolutions"

 F. Chateaubriand.

Architectural heritage of Aktobe region.

Karasakal is a necropolis, burial and cult complex of the XVIIth - early XXth centuries in Western Kazakhstan, located on the left bank of the Emba River, 61.1 km south-west of the village of Zharkamys in the southeastern part of the Alshynsay sands in the Baiganinsky district of the Aktobe region.
The area of ​​the necropolis is 15 hectares. It includes about a thousand tombstones created by folk architects, stone carvers - representatives of the Kazakh clans of the Younger Zhuz (adai, tabyn and others). The most significant monument is the Endibay mausoleum, made of sawn limestone blocks and representing a rectangular skeleton with a helmet-shaped dome.
The decor is flat-relief on the outside, in the interior it is contoured with painting of the ornament. A large group of structures is made up of saganatams laid out from blocks of limestone-sandstone, combined with kulpytas and koitases.
The variety of types of small forms of traditional burial architecture is represented by kulpytas, koitas, sandyktas. They are distinguished by the richness of the decor; the flat-relief carving is complemented by the painting of the background and ornament.
Kulpytases contain Arabic epitaphs in the Kazakh language. The epitaph texts include both prayers and short biographies of the deceased. The monuments included in Karasakal make it possible to trace the stages of accumulating experience in their construction with the transition from simple to more complex volumetric-geometric forms.
The necropolis in 1982 was included in the list of historical and cultural monuments of republican significance and is protected by the state.
Geographic coordinates of the Karasakal necropolis: N47 ° 33'06.04 "E55 ° 52'19.21"