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Kazashka gorge in Zailiskiy Alatau.

Travels to Siversii apple tree in Kazakhstan.

“The roots nest deep in the earth, and in the immortal underground fire,
The peak rises high, high, lost lightly in the heights,
Emerald branches in bloom lead into the turquoise free distance.
And knows fun
And he knows sadness."

Balmont K.D. “Slavic tree.”

Tours for Sieversii apple tree in Zailiskiy Alatau.

The Kazashka gorge is located at an altitude of 1317 (the beginning of the gorge, the mouth of the Kazashka River) to 2229 (the pass between the Kazashka gorge and the Gorelnik gorge) meters above sea level, located in eastern part of main Big Almaty gorge, on northern slope of Zailiysky Alatau ridge, in territory of Ile-Alatau Natural Park in Bostandyk district of Almaty.  
The gorge stretches from west to east for 9 kilometers. The Kazashka River, 14.5 kilometers long, flows through the gorge, which originates from numerous springs on the western slope of the Kumbel-Tau ridge. At an altitude of 1867 meters above sea level, the Kazashka River receives a tributary from the right, Terisbutak, 4 kilometers long, originating from the springs of the northern slope of the Kumbel-Tau ridge.
At the very beginning of the gorge to the right of the road there is hydroelectric power station 5 located on the Bolshaya Almatinka River, which belongs to the cascade of hydroelectric power stations in the Bolshoy Almmatinsky gorge.
Next comes the small village of Kokshoki, built up with residential buildings. A seismic station is located approximately in the middle part of the gorge between the mouth of the Kazashka River and the upper pass. Here in the middle part there are numerous recreation areas with yurts, canopies, tables and barbecues.
The asphalt road leads to the Kumbel hotel, which is not open (10.2023). In the vicinity of the hotel, on the northern slope there is a picturesque birch grove. Apple forests grow in the gorge, dominated by the Sievers apple tree (Malus sieversii (Ledeb.) M.Roem, a relict species listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan.
On the southern slope of the gorge apricot forests grow, represented by massifs of various sizes, small groups and individual trees throughout gorge. From the mouth of the Terisbutak River, the Kokzhailau tract begins, which stretches from southwest to northeast for 3 kilometers.
From the Kumbel hotel there is a convenient walking trail that leads to the Kokzhailau tract and further through the pass between Kazashka and the Gorelnik gorge to the Prosveshchenets tract The trail connects two picturesque and popular among tourists gorges, Bolshoye and Maloye Almaty. 
Geographic coordinates of Kazashka gorge: N43°07'43.97" E76°57'12.64"

If you are using geographic coordinates for Google Earth or Google Maps navigation systems, you must remove the last two digits from geographic coordinates and " (hundredths of a second) and enter the result in the input line. Example: N51°44'09.67" E72°39'40.81" = N51°44'09 E72°39'40

Authority and photos by:
Alexander Petrov.