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Khavzi Sangin a mosques.

Excursions on architectural monuments Istaravshan.

The architectural monument mosque Khavzi Sangin is located in a quarter Khavzi Sangin of city of Istaravshan Согдийской of area. Mosque Khavzi Sangin has been constructed in 1322 (1904), and aiwan in 1328 (1910).
The mosque has received the name from khauz (reservoir) which coast have been strengthened by a stone. Mosque Khavzi Sangin is good the clear composition and a fine list of a frieze. She consists from 4 column in a winter premise.
Four carved columns divide a ceiling into 9 square plafonds under the plan. The central square is a little profound and has eight back a wooden dome. All planes of wooden designs and stalactite capitals are covered by a list.
Dome mosque Khavzi Sangin (XII - XVI с.с.), in translation means "Stone". It is connected by that walls of a mosque up to half are laid out from a stone. With builders have shown inventive sharpness, worthy our days.
Under a dome of a mosque they have walled four ceramic jugs without the bottom. Thus, the original resonators intended for improvement of acoustics of a premise where prayers and sermons were spent have turned out.
According to a legend, the reservoir has been dug under the order of Sultan Parvonachi. Under the legend, the reservoir was dug with slaves. Stones took out on camels. After end of all works the Sultan has presented all camels to workers-slaves and has released them on freedom.
Near a mosque is available small tomb with dome overlapping. Under some data, in 1895 tomb was called Shofozil ibn Abbas, and the building has been constructed in 1795. Under other data, here it is buried Fuzail ibn Abbas.

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