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Museum Istaravshan.

 Excursion in museum Istaravshan.

The basis historical-study of local lore a museum in Istaravshanе was made with collections of a school public museum which per 1963 has been transformed to branch of the
historical-study of local lore museum of the city of Khojend, and with 1980 under the decision of the Ministry of culture Tajikistan became an independent museum.
The Museum borrows the building of former orthodox church constructed in 1865 - 1867. It was one of the first brick buildings of city, alongside with the house of the governor, school and a number of administrative constructions, all of them were well saved and serve as an ornament of one of the central parts of city which many inhabitants continue to name "Russian quarter".
Nazarov Nasriddin - the teacher of history - was the initiator of creation of a museum and the first collector of its collections in 1950 - 1960th years. Today the collection of a museum totals 4300 subjects on archeology and ethnographies of Tadjiks of Northern Tajikistan, the most part of subjects is collected in Istaravshan and its vicinities.
The big contribution to studying culture and history Istaravshan experts and employees of the Academy of sciences of Tajikistan have brought, spent excavation in vicinities of city. In a collection of a museum also there are book and newspaper funds, assembly of photos and documents.
Developed in a spacious hall the area about 250 square meters the exposition tells about ancient and medieval history Istaravshan, about the culture, traditional employment and crafts of city dwellers which and today is famous for the masters of forge business, woodcarvers, artists, goldwork, ceramics, jewellers.
Visitors of a museum can familiarize with furniture of the traditional house of Tadjiks, with a rich collection of traditional clothes and ornaments, with assembly of manuscripts and a numismatical collection. Gifts of the Government and the President of Republic by 2500-years anniversary of city are allocated in a separate part of an exposition.
On a place of the old city fortress Kalai Mug towering above city, in 2002 in honour of celebrating the 2500 anniversary Istaravshan the monumtal smart arch inside of which there is a hall with the archeologic exposition representing to a collection of the historical-study of local lore museum on archeology of an ancient city citadel has been constructed. The exposition is opened for visitors in coordination with administration of a museum.
Museum label in the Tadjik and English languages. In a museum fact-finding excursions for schoolboys, meetings of pupils with participants of Great Domestic war and veterans of work are spent.
The museum takes part in the city actions devoted to the state holidays of Tajikistan, and also in the holidays devoted Navruz and a Muslim holiday of sacrifice (Kurbon), organize small exit exhibitions and lectures.
In a court yard of a museum often pass concerts of pupils of musical school and an exhibition of works of pupils of art school.
The address: 735610 Republic Tajikistan, Sogd of province, Istaravshan, street Oli Somon, 18. The Museum is opened: daily from 8.00 till . On Saturday and Sunday: from 9.00 till . A break for a dinner: from 12.00 till . The Day off: - Monday. An input paid.

Building of the Historical-study of local lore museum Istaravshan.General view of an exposition of a museum.Stone dish with an inscription. Northern Tajikistan. XVIII-XIX centuries.Samples of a heeltap and wooden stamps of local master Sharofa. The end of XIX centuryDesk set. Northern Tajikistan. Middle XX century.Traditional cradle. XX century.Vessel for water. Clay. Northern Tajikistan. X-XII centuries.

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