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Khazarasp-Darvaza a gate.

Foot walks and excursions across Khiva.

“If a nuker is such a protection from him,
Neither for the protection of your gates, it is not suitable, nor a spoon for food will not.
Finally I let go of the horse, moved forward
Chasing a horse, climbed a mountain.
Seeing me, my people moved too,
Left behind people fear.
Having reached the mountains, we quickly climbed up,
Despite the arrows of the enemy, they rose.
Sometimes getting off the horse, sometimes on horseback,
We went ahead, boldly,
The enemies threw arrows from the mountain,
Seeing our strength, they abandoned everything and ran away. ”

Zahir ad-Din Mohammed Babur. "Babur-Nama."

Tours from Khiva to the Aral Sea.

Khazarasp-Darvaza a gate have been built again up in 1842 in the middle of XIX century from burnt a brick at construction of walls Dishan-Kala in Khiva during board Alla-Kuli-khan.
A gate consist of two greater viewing towers located on the parties of wide travel on road to Yangiaryk.
Above travel the arch gallery with a handrail on each side which top is decorated crenellation is located. Though it is a unique decorative detail of a gate, the construction makes impression expressiveness of forms.
A gate connect Khiva to settlements Jangiaryk, Bagat, Khanka and Khazarasp. The sizes of a gate under the plan 23,5 х 6,5 meters, height: 12,2 meters.

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