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Kosh-Darvaza gate in Khiva.

 Tours over ancient monuments of architecture of Khiva.

“The cost of the monument is unnecessary; the memory of us will live if we deserve it with our lives "

Julius Frontin.

Trips from Kazakhstan to Khiva.

Northern gate Kosh-Darvaza in Dishan-Kala are constructed in 1912 the beginning of XX century on road to Urgench. The facade of a gate has three cylindrical towers, with two arch prodrivings between them and traditional gallery with a gear handrail.
Service rooms are located on both parties from draiving. The main facade of a gate is decorated by a mosaic on towers. Small domes of towers are issued by a blue tile.
The size of a gate under the plan: 25 х 17 meters, height: 9,45 meters.

Kosh-Darvaza a gate in Dishan-Kala.

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