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Kishi Kos-asar ancient settlement.

Ancient settlements of Dzhety-asar culture.

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The Kishi Kos-asar settlement is located in the Karmakchi district of the Kyzylorda region, 30.5 kilometers west of the Turmaganbet village and 62 kilometers south-west of the regional center Zhosaly, south of the Kos-asar hill 108 meters above sea level.
On the coasts of the Syr-Darya River, in the aralo-Caspian steppes the Dzhety-asar culture developed. The economy of Dzhetyasar culture had complex character at which the cattle breeding and agriculture were combined with hunting and fishery and natural resources were as much as possible used.
At a certain stage of the development people of Dzhety-asar culture begin to be engaged in artificial irrigation. Kishi Kos-asar ancient settlement, is dated, approximately the VII - IX centuries of our era and presumably belongs to the oguz-kipchaksperiod.
Excavation on the ancient settlement is conducted since 2015. Kishi Kos-asar ancient settlement has three tiers, from four to six meters high, 40 by 45 meters in size. The ancient settlement has polygonal architecture, a protective construction 60 meters long. In east part there is a citadel 8 - 10 meters high.
Archeological finds on the ancient settlement, it is pottery, the processed horns of deer, ornaments, also another is more often with images of a ram, a coin with the Arab inscriptions.
Geographic coordinates of the settlement of Kishi Kos-asar: N45 ° 04'57.29 "E63 ° 32'45.43"

Kishi Kos Asar ancient settlement.Kishi Kos Asar ancient settlement.Kishi Kos Asar ancient settlement.Kishi Kos Asar ancient settlement.Kishi Kos Asar ancient settlement.Kishi Kos Asar ancient settlement.

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