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Korkyt-Ata Mausoleum.

 Visiting of mausoleum Korkyt-Ata on coast of the river Syr-Darya. 

This tells of a famous poet, singer, and composer from the IX century named Korkyt. Only a few people know that the Korkyt Mausoleum is located 85 kilometers from the space launch site.
According to the legend, from a young age Korkyt did not accept the transiency of human life. He was tormented by his thoughts and dreamt about immortality. However, he met death everywhere: a decomposed and fallen tree in the forest reminded him that nothing lasts forever; feather grass in the steppe burning under the sun symbolized the inevitable end of everything living; even the powerful mountains broke down, hinting at the same fate for the human being.
Seeing and listening to this, Korkyt in his lonely torments made the firsts kobyz (Kazakh musical instrument) from shirgai wood, stretched the strings and started playing, pouring out his thoughts and feelings. He put his whole soul into the melody and the marvelous music of the strings sounded all over the world; reaching and touching everyone. Since then Korkyt’s melodies and his kobyz have travelled around the world; his name remains in the people’s hearts forever.
A kobyz – shaped monument was built at Korkyt’s burial place and its tubes start singing in windy weather, so everyone can listen to the piercing melody and feel the real cosmic energy of Kazakhstan’s steppe.Photo of 1898 of mausoleum Korkyt-Ata. Photographer Dibaev.Gravestone monument Korkyt-Ata on a place of the mausoleum.The Picture of the artist. In an old museum of memorial Korkyt-Ata.Fragments of bricks from mausoleum Korkyt-Ata on right river Syr-Darya.The Picture «Korkyt-Ata» from a museum of old memorial complex Korkyt-Ata.  The Necropolis in vicinities of mausoleum Korkyt-Ata.Bricks from the destroyed mausoleum on coast of the river Syr-Darya.  

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Alexander Petrov.