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Koyanak auliye mausoleum.

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“Let's be like the sun! Let's forget about
Who leads us along the golden path,
We will only remember that forever to the other,
To the new, to the strong, to the good, to the evil,
We strive brightly in a dream with gold.
We will always pray to the unearthly
In our earthly desire!"

Balmont K. D.

Mausoleums of saints in Kostanay region.

Mausoleum Koyanak aulie Zholsharakyzy is located at an altitude of 117 meters above sea level, located in the western part of the ancient necropolis, on the eastern side of the Zharkol lake system, 1.2 kilometers northeast of Lake Shaitaban, 13.6 kilometers southwest of the village of Sholaksay, 9 kilometers southwest of the village of Kopa and 16.4 kilometers northwest of the village of Shiili in the Naurzum district of the Kostanay region.
Koyanak auliye came from the Kuray Uak clan. Her father Zholshara and grandfather Tastemir were also holy people and knew how to predict fateful events. And this gift was passed on from the father of Koyanak awliye.
According to folk legends, Koyanak auliye could control the forces of nature, disperse clouds, and calm a blizzard. One of the legends tells how Koyanak Zholsharakyzy helped her fiancé Bisara find his way to her. When Bisary and his friends went to the bride's aul to pick her up, they got lost on the way.
They wandered around the steppe for a long time and suddenly saw a large stone, near which a tablecloth with food was spread. When the travelers were full, the tablecloth disappeared before our eyes, and behind the stone the road to the aul was clearly visible.
Since ancient times, it has been believed that Koyanak auliye protects local residents, brings prosperity and prosperity to its land. The descendants of Koyanak auliye built a modern mausoleum over her burial. This mausoleum is considered a holy place with healing powers and numerous stories of healing of sick people are associated with it.
Visitors believe that a prayer service at the mausoleum will help them cope with illnesses, difficulties and bring good luck. It is not surprising that people's requests are fulfilled, apparently, the secret of this place is that here a person finds harmony of the soul.
Geographic coordinates of Koyanak auliye mausoleum: N51 ° 42'56.49 "E64 ° 36'42.56"

Christina Gerasimova.

Photo by:
From the Kostanay Museum of History and Local Lore.