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Kunanbai Uzkenbayuly.

Public figures of Kazakhstan.

“Biy Kunanbai, is a big celebrity in the steppe, ... endowed by nature by common sense, amazing memory and gift of speech, good, caring about the good of his fellow tribesmen, a large expert on the steppe law and the prescriptions of the Qur'an, who pretensively knows all the Russian charters regarding the Kyrgyz Republic Ry; The judge of incorruptible honesty and an exemplary Muslim, plebeian Kunanbay acquired the glory of the prophet, to which young and old poor and the rich hurry from the farthest auls. ”

Adam Yanushkevich. "Diaries and letters from traveling in the Kyrgyz steppes." 1846.

Senior Sultans in Kazakh steppe.

Kunanbai Occenbayuly Kunanbai Zayy (1804-1886)-Bi, Aga-Sultan, prominent Kazakh public figure, Father Abay. His father Uskenbai Yrgyzbayuly was an authoritative ruler from the Tobykta clan. Kunanbay was born near the Malaya and Big Akshku mountains.
Here was the village of Occenabay (wintering Akshkuy, Shyngystau, former Semipalatinsk region). This place is the cradle of Abaev’s creativity, the literary and philosophical talent of Abay was gaining strength and stronger.
In 1834 - 1856 he was elected foreman Kushik Tobyktinsky volost. In 1846 he participated in the work of the expedition of General Vishnevsky in the subordination of the Kazakhs of the senior Zhuz of Russia. In 1845, he sent a letter to the border department with a request to send a Russian teacher who could speak in Kazakh to open a school for Kazakh children of their auls.
The head of the border outpost approved the decision of the Kunanbya to open the school and recommended inviting the Tobikt family to teach children in their free time. Kunanbai opened a school in the ESKI there and appointed Tatar Gabithan Gabdynazaru, who knew the Russian letter by the teacher of Tatar.
The sons of Kunanby were also trained at this school. Subsequently, Kunanbai sends his sons to continue their studies: Ibrahim (Abay) went to study in Semipalatinsk at the Muslim Madrasah, Halilullah - to the Omsk Cadet Corps, then graduated from a military school in Moscow.
For the faithful service of the tsarist power in 1846, he was awarded the title of cornian. In 1849 - 1852, Kunanbai was elected Aga -Sultan of the Karkaralinsky District. In 1849, Kunanbai built a mosque in Karkaralinsk with his own money.
In 1874, he performed Hajj, lived in Mecca for more than 2 years and built tactful in the town for pilgrims (a house that served as a hotel in a madrassah). Kunanbai made decisions based on the traditional right of the Kazakhs.
Cruelly punished for Barymt, theft, religious exploration and violence. Teaching children of Russian literacy and giving them Russian education, at the same time preached Islam. Kunanby had a large family. Kunanbai had a special hope on Abay, who from the age of 13 accompanied his father and studied the art of management.
He had 4 wives. Kudaiberda was born from Baybish Aibobec, from the 2nd wife, Ulzhan, - Tanirberda, Ibrahim (Abay), Sorcat, Osan, from the 3rd wife, Aigyz, - Haliulla, Smagul, Kamshat. Kunanbay paid great attention to education and enlightenment.
As a religious person, he was committed to the traditions of old education, but he also understood the new one associated with Russian culture as a social necessity. The people have preserved many wise sayings prescribed by Kunanbay.
Mukhtar Auezov collected numerous information about the life and activity of Kunanbay, analyzed them and recreated the “path of Abay”, a contradictory and at the same time the bright image of Kunanbay in his epic.
Not far from Akshkuy is the grave of Kunanbay, Father Abay, laid out of black mountain stone.

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