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Lake Bozaigyr.

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Drive from Astana to Buiratau park.

The brackish lake Bozaigyr is located at an altitude of 459 meters above sea level, located 14.6 kilometers southeast of the village of Algabas, 29.4 kilometers northeast of the village of Kunshalgan, 13.6 kilometers northeast of the mountain Akdym, 40.6 kilometers east and slightly north of the village of Olzhabay Batyr, in the southeastern part of the Yereymentau district in the southeastern part of the Akmola region.
Lake Bozaigyr is located on the territory of the Belodymovsky branch of the Buyratau Natural Park, to the west of the meridional Kalmykozha Mountains and to the southeast of the Karatau Mountains, which belong to the Ereymentau Mountains system.
The length of Lake Bozaigyr from south to north is 1050 meters, the largest width in the central part of the lake reaches 612 meters. The area of Lake Bozaigyr is 0.49 square kilometers, the perimeter of the lake reaches 3010.44 meters.
Lake Bozaigyr is connected by a channel with a length of 1620 meters to Lake Azhbay. The shores of the lake are sandy and rocky, overgrown with reeds. Lake Bozaigyr is one of the interesting natural attractions of the Buyratau Natural Park. The lake is inhabited by silver carp, carp and carp.
Geographical coordinates of Lake Bozaigyr: N51°19'31.41" E73°22'42.38"

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