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Kara-Agash spring in Buiratau park.

Excursions in Kazakhstan.

“Oh, Kazakhstan, you are under the scorching sun
He spread his tent of steppes, forests ...
To describe their beauty is not enough
All the best and most beautiful words."

Matveeva Natalia.

Valley in park of Kazakhstan.

The Kara-Agash spring is located at an altitude of 477 meters above sea level, located in the tract of the same name, 5.2 kilometers north-west of the village of Belodymovsky, 59.5 kilometers north-east of the village of Karagaily (former Okolnoye), 16 , 8 kilometers northeast of the village of Algabas, on the territory of the Belodymovsky branch in the natural park of Buyratau, in the north of the Osakarov district and in the northeast of the Karaganda region.
The Kara-Agash spring is located in a very picturesque place, in the southeast of a small hill 500 meters above sea level. On the east side of the spring there is a mixed deciduous-pine forest, in the south-west of the spring there is also a small pine forest.
In the north-west of the spring there is a hill, bordered from the south-west to the north-east for 1.5 kilometers by a pine forest. Several highways approach the spring from different sides. Here you can have a good time, relax, gain strength and continue your further journey and acquaintance with the Buiratau park.
Geographical coordinates of Kara-Agash spring: N51°15'32.87" E73°21'11.72"

Authority and phtos by
Alexander Petrov.