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Lake Karashek.

Walking routes in Mangystau.

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The bitter-salt lake Karashek (Karashek salt marsh) is located in the southwest of the central part of the Western cliff of Ustyurt, 38 kilometers southwest of the Karynzharyk depression, 8.1 kilometers north of Mount Karashek 194 meters above sea level, 12 kilometers to the south of the Boszhira tract in the Karakiyan region in the southeastern part of the Mangistau region.
The length of the lake from the south-east to the north-west is 12.2 kilometers, the greatest width in the northern part is 6.3 kilometers. The lake itself is located in the middle of a vast salt marsh, which in the northern part borders on the Western cliff of the Ustyurt plateau.
The distance of the salt marsh from the south-east to the north-west is 28 kilometers, the width in the southern part is 14 kilometers, and the width in the northern part is also 14 kilometers. In the northern part, the elevation of the salt marsh is 10.4 meters below sea level. In the southern part, the salt marsh borders on the Karynzharyk sands.
From the sixth panoramic point, located on the edge of the Western cliff of Ustyurt, a majestic view of the lake and the Karashek salt marsh opens.
Geographic coordinates of Lake Karashek: N43 ° 17'19.56 "E54 ° 07'26.70"

Authority and photos:
Alexander Petrov.