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Lake Kuturga West.

Trekking to lake Kungei Alatau mountains.

"He who superficially examines nature, he is easily lost in the boundless" Everything ", but who deeper listens to its miracles, he is constantly led to God, the Master of the world."

 Karl de Geer.

Lakes on Kungei Alatau mountains.

Lake Kuturga Zapadnoye is located at an altitude of 33396 meters above sea level, located on the northern slope of the Kungey Alatau ridge, on the territory of the Kolsai Kolderi natural park in the headwaters of the Kotyrgan River belonging to the Chilik River basin in the Kegen district of the Almaty region.
Moraine, flowing lake Kuturga West has a length from west to east 390 meters, width from south to north 279 meters. The lake lies in an almost closed basin with high rocky walls and outliers, and only in the southeastern part is a passage open for a stream flowing from the lake.
The lake is fed by waters from two lakes cascading in the northwest at a distance of 177 and 633 meters from Lake Kuturga Zapadnoye. The distance from the lake to the mouth of the Kotyrgan river is 22 kilometers, from the lake to the Kuturga pass 225 meters.
Geographic coordinates of Lake Kuturga West: N42 ° 51'09.63 "E78 ° 03'49.92"

Alexander Petrov.