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Lake Kyzylkol.

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Salt Lake Kyzylkol is located in a semi-desert zone, in the Suzak region in the east of the Turkestan region. In the north of the lake, the Moyunkum sands stretch in the south and southwest of the Karatau Mountain.
The lake is drainless, stretched from west to east, its length is 5321 meters, width in the western (widest part) is 2553 meters, the depth of the lake is 2 - 3 meters. The coastline is 13 kilometers 910 meters. The coast of the north-western side of the lake is steep, consisting of loess, the south-eastern and north-eastern parts of the lake are shallow and swampy.
In the eastern part of the coast, there are thickets of comb, rose hips, honeysuckle and other shrubs. A steppe area adjoins the border of the bush, which is bounded by hills, at the top of which a plateau of rubble desert begins.
On the shore of the lake, there was a sanatorium for the treatment of Kyzylkol salt mud, now half-abandoned, but there are plans for its complete restoration. Over the past 20 years, the lake has become shallow by a third, and the mineralization of the water has worsened by half.
The lake has become too salty for its inhabitants - carp. The nature protection services took up the rescue of Kyzylkol; in 2016, the lake was filled up to 80% of the previous volume of the reservoir. During migrations, river and diving ducks and swans stop and build nests on Kyzylkol. In addition, 2 species of amphibians and 12 reptiles live here.

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