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Lake Small Kaindy.

Alpine tour in Tien-Shan mountains.

 “Nature is an infinite sphere whose center is everywhere”

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Drive to Kayindy gorge from Almaty.

Lake Small Kaindy is located at an altitude of 1920 meters above sea level, located on the left bank of the river of the same name, 534 meters north-west of Lake Kayindy, on the northern slope of the Kungey Alatau ridge, on the territory of the Kolsai Calderi park in the Kegen district of Almaty region.
The length of the lake from the south-west to the north-east is 115 meters, the greatest width in the central part is 58 meters. The perimeter of Lake Small Kayindy is 269 meters, the area is 4004 square meters. 20 meters below, there is another small lake with a perimeter of 230 meters and an area of ​​2916 square meters.
The lakes are connected by a small stream. In the southwestern part, a small unnamed stream flows into the lake, there is no obvious runoff from the lower lake, most likely the water from the lakes leaves through underground streams.
Until 2019, there was a parking lot in the southeastern part of the lake. At this time, the car parking is located 2 kilometers in front of the Small Kayindy lake. To the lake from the highway Saty - Zhalanash there is a motor road 12 kilometers long, the road is in very poor condition and only 2-drive vehicles can do it.
Geographic coordinates of Lake Small Kayindy: N42 ° 59'12.23 "E78 ° 27'30.79"

Authority and photos by
Alexander Petrov.