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Legend of the Ablaketka River.

Legends of East Kazakhstan.

“I haven't finished revisiting Sleeping Beauty. As a faerie tale, that one is rife with inherent difficulties. After all, the world doesn't stop just because one person is asleep” 
 Anna Sheehan, A Long, Long Sleep.

A trip from Almaty to Zyryanovsk.

Kazakhs once had the evil and greedy Khan Ablai. He liked this rivulet. “But why it carries its water is unknown to anyone,” he thought, “I will order a fence, and then only I, and my cattle, will drink its clean water.” And he ordered his soldiers to carry large stones and throw them into the river.
She resisted for a long time - she roared, seethed, carried stones to the Irtysh. But people defeated the river. And then the khan ran up to the dam: “You see how strong I am! Now you are in my power. I want it - I’ll drink your water alone! ”The river could not bear it, gathered its last strength and broke through the dam.
And along with the stones she took away to the Irtysh the greedy khan. “Ablai ketts,” cried the people standing on the shore. Since then, the river Ablaketka has been called.

Alexander Petrov.