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The legend of Mount Belukha.

Legends of the Kazakhstan Altai.

“Familiar portion of fear
Rushing along the leg and freezing,
Noting the dimensionality of Mach,
To shoot the body forward.
Having spent all the fears of recovery,
Quite unexpectedly, suddenly
You will see through the cracks
The top of the unfinished circle"

Victor Storopov.

Tours to Belukha Mountain from Kazakhstan.

In very ancient times, among the tribes of the Altai Mountains, there was a rumor that a strange monster of snow and ice appeared in the Altai forests - a snowman, who for some reason was called the White Ear, probably due to the fact that he had one ear whiter than snow.
The leader of one of the tribes had innumerable wealth. He heard about the Bigfoot and, in order to become famous among the other leaders and surprise them, he decided to take possession of the monster. He announced that he who catches the Bigfoot will receive a generous reward - half of his wealth.
Dozens of heroes rushed in search of this mysterious creature. For many days and nights, they searched for him in the mountains and forests, until they finally found him. The White Ear hunters long hunted, who fiercely defended himself and did not want to surrender to his enemies, because he was used to living free.
Then, seeing that they would not take the snowman alive, the heroes killed him, hoping that they would receive a reward for the dead. A snowman fell to the ground, exposing a dazzling white ear to the sun's rays.
The heroes came to carry him away, but, no matter how powerful they were, but they could not raise the monster, they had to return empty-handed. In the place where the White Ear fell, a high mountain grew. Its top is always covered with snow and sticks out like an ear. People, looking at this mountain, called it Belukha, in memory of the proud bigfoot.

"25 traditions and legends of East Kazakhstan region." Tourist information center for tourism and external relations management of East Kazakhstan region.

Alexander Petrov.