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Legend about Kyrkgyz.

Tours behind legends of Turkmenistan.

“A lot of legends, a lot of people, have come before me. But this is my time”

Usain Bolt.

Legends of Turkmenistan.

The gorge Kyrkgyz ("Forty girls") reminds the raised trough. Here about three thousand people can take cover from bad weather. Tell a surprising legend about this miracle of the nature: "In ancient times for the village strangers attacked, destroyed fortress, destroyed men, children and old men.
Strangers spared only forty beautiful girls and captured them with themselves. Each of leaders wanted to marry one of forty girls. Having learned about intentions of newcomers, girls began to pray to hide to God with a request them at the foot of a hill.
Allah heard their plaintive groan. The mountain opened. Girls quickly hid at the foot of a hill. Shortage of water, food did not force them to leave the mountain. When newcomers could not find girls, villagers came for search of missing and found them.
All forty girls were dead. All of them were buried together, in one grave".

A source:
"Religious and spiritual monuments of Central Asia". Author M. Khashimov. Saga Publishing House, 2001.