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Legend of Ukash ata.

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According to one of the legends, Ukash ata is Ukasha ibn Mikhsan, one of the ashab (companions of the Prophet Muhammad), mentioned in the book of hadiths of Muhammad al-Bukhari. However, historical sources do not confirm that Ukash ibn Mikhsan visited Central Asia.
Nevertheless, the legend says that Askhab Ukasha ata preached Islam among the Central Asian Turkic peoples. Thanks to his piety, he became invulnerable and did not know defeat in battle. The enemies bribed the hero's wife, who said that he could be killed during prayer.
Having crept up to the praying Ukash ata, they cut off his head. The head of the Ashab rolled to the side and fell into a mountain crevice, and from there it fell into Mecca along an underground river. Later, a well was erected over this crevice in memory of Ukash ata, and a mausoleum was erected at the place where the hero's blood spilled.
According to another legend, before leaving for another world, the Prophet Muhammad gathered the people and said that if he owes someone, then let him ask him to return his debt in accordance with Sharia. Ukash stepped forward and said: “You are my debtor. During the war, you hit me twice on the shoulders with a quiver. I also want to hit you twice with this kamcha."
Other Askhabs tried to dissuade him, but Ukash was adamant. Then the Prophet Muhammad put his shoulders, but Ukash said that he was hit on his bare shoulders, so he wants to repay the debt in the same way.
After the Prophet Muhammad took off his shirt, everyone saw the divine radiance emanating from his body. Then Ukash threw out the kamcha and said that his only desire was to see the seal of Allah on the body of the prophet and he achieved his goal.
Muhammad, hearing this confession, exclaimed: "Whoever visits Ukash will avoid the fiery hell." According to the following legend, Ukash ata was a warrior and a very strong man. In these parts he preached Islam, and this aroused the hatred of his enemies.
Having once found out that Ukash ata becomes vulnerable and helpless in moments of selfless prayers, the enemies decided to deal with him. They caught him while reading namaz and cut off his head. According to legend, contrary to the laws of nature, the warrior's head rolled not down, but up the mountain and disappeared in a deep 25-meter rift, at the bottom of which a stream ran.
Since then, a sacred well arose on this place, its healing waters under the ground, according to legend, reach Mecca itself. But not everyone can drink water from a well. The lowered bucket often hits the ledges of the walls, and water splashes from it.
If someone manages to get miraculous moisture from the depths, this is considered a sign of a special disposition of higher powers.

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