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Legends about Arystan-Baba.

Tour to Sairam.

“On that I went underground at sixty-three.
The news came to me at the beginning of the appointed dawn,
 I am told to compose and sing in the name of Allah chants,
I passed a quagmire of temptations on my way.
That's why I created a platform for love."

Hikmets of Khoja Ahmed Yassawi.

Archeologic monuments in Kazakhstan.

Roadside inscription in Sairam (in Uzbek) "Here, on this khan’s bridge, Arystan-Bab handed over to the saint of the Turkic people Hazret Sultan the amanat of the prophet - persimmon." According to legend, by order of Tamerlane over the grave of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, the construction of a mosque began (1338 - 1405).
All attempts to build walls failed, a strong storm blew them away, according to another version, the appearance of a green bull that destroyed everything. The saint Timur, who appeared in a dream, said that first you need to build a mausoleum over the grave of St. Arystan-Bab, and then over build a mausoleum over the grave of Khoja Ahmed Yasavi.
What Timur did. Therefore, the pilgrims first visit the mausoleum of the teacher Arystan-Bab, and then the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasavi. Traditions call him the teacher and spiritual mentor of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. It was to him that Arystan-Bab, dying, was handed over by an amanat, which consisted of a stone of persimmon.
According to legend, Arystan-Bab was an associate (Sahaba) of the Prophet Muhammad. Once the Prophet Muhammad and his companions sat and ate persimmons. One of the fruits fell out of the dish all the time, and the prophet heard the revelation: "This persimmon is for the Muslim Ahmed, who will be born 400 years later than you."
The Prophet asked his companions who would pass this persimmon to the future owner. No one called. The Prophet repeated his question, and then Arystan-Bab answered: "If you beg Allah for 400 years of his life, then I will give persimmons."
According to folk tradition and written sources (“Risolai Sarem-Isfizhob” and the book of Kuprilozad), Arystan-Bab after 400 years became a mentor to Khoja Ahmed Yasawi and really gave him a persimmon seed.

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