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Library in Ashgabad.

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This system was created by the Resolution of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for further development of national culture in epoch of might and happiness, improvement of library activity and services rendered to the population in this sphere as well as provision of conditions for upbringing of educated and qualified youth. Representatives of velayat, etrap and city libraries, Turkmen State Institute of Culture, art workers and students took part in this event.
The State Library of the State Cultural centre is the largest library in Central Asian region. Its monumental 7-store building occupies around 24 thousand of square meters. Three underground floors are allocated for book storages.
Here, as well as in all halls and rooms, appropriate microclimate is created and strict control over temperature and humidity is carried out.  There are special valued editions, unique samples of manuscripts, which are heritage of native and international science kept in the library stock that is more than 6 million of books and magazines.
The library is able to host 1100 visitors at the same time. There are comfort and silence in numerous reading halls on four floors. There are two conference halls for 150 and 40 people, audio and video collections, internet hall, computer centre, rooms for scientists and personnel, book workshops.
Owing to modern laboratory for restoration, large opportunities for provision of preservation of book rarities are created in the library. Being the main methodological centre of the country, it assists velayat libraries to preserve and restore their stock.
Necessity of establishing of storages of new type – so called electronic libraries, arises with development of new technologies, which promotes the expansion of information services, quality of service and availability of different information, increase of number of users.
Integrated electronic library system is based on two components: high speed computer network that unites all central libraries and special “Microsoft” software developed by native specialists with representative of this corporation in our country.
Electronic catalogue reflects whole library stock of Turkmenistan. Besides, owing to technological capabilities of electronic library, there are opportunities to use publishing converted in electronic format, search of information and get electronic types of book.
Children, fiction, scientific and other specialized literature is presented in Turkmen, Russian, English and other languages and dedicated to broad and different auditoriums. Development of new types of electronic catalogues like theme, alphabetical, system and others are undergoing.
Technical capabilities of server complex allow to register up to 11 million records of kept materials. The system is able to serve more than 600 thousand of readers. Composite library base united 76 central libraries of the capital and other regions of the country and readers from all part of Turkmenistan are able to use its archive.
All of these will help to both specialists, historians, philologists, orientalists, linguists, ethnographers, archaeologists and broad range of readers including students and pupils, who will take this opportunity as some kind of home reading and the basis for deep study of native literature, culture and history.

City of Askhabad. Museum, library and free reading room. Zakaspiysky regional public library. Beginning of the last century. The building is demolished because of decay of 1948 caused by an earthquake in the late fifties.