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Mangyshlak plateau.

Jeep of safari in mountains Mangyshlak Karatau.

“Everything in excess is opposed to nature” 


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Ridges and hills Caspian - Mangyshlak plateau and Tuarkir. The broad structure of the Mangyshlak plateau and Tuarkari is part of the platform, the formation of which is associated with local elevations of the base of the Turan plate.
Rock outcrop in the center of the Mangyshlak plateau, forming the Karatau mountains and to the South-East of it, where lay down a hill Kyzylkiya in the system Tuarkir. Mangyshlak plateau, consist of Western Karatau, Eastern Karatau and Karatauchik.
To the North and South of the Western Karatau mountains are ridges, called North and South Aktau - White mountains; Karatau mountains - black mountains. In the valleys between Karatau and Aktau are exposed layers of Sandstone with spherical nodules with a diameter of 1.5 - 2 meters (sometimes up to 3 meters and more).
As a result of weathering of Sandstone and sand nodules appeared on the surface to form clusters in the form of rows of giant balls, sometimes hollow inside. Outside fold of the Mangyshlak plateau is a low (150 - 175 m) limestone plateau with deep saline endorheic depressions in the South (including a huge Karagiye depression -132 m).
In the South Mangyshlak discovered large deposits of oil (Jetibay, Uzen). From the North it joins the Mangyshlak Peninsula Buzachi with sand, clay plains and salt marshes. Mangyshlak refers to the Northern desert zone, representing a space clayey, stony, sandy and saline deserts.

Mangyshlak plateau.Mangyshlak plateau.Mangyshlak plateau.Mangyshlak plateau.Mangyshlak plateau.Mangyshlak plateau.Mangyshlak plateau.Mangyshlak plateau.

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