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Mausoleum of Kok-Kesene.

Ancient mausoleums of Kyzylorda region.

«Memory is the treasure house of the mind wherein the monuments thereof are kept and preserved»

Thomas Fuller.

Trip to Kyzylorda region.

In 1901, V. Kallaur, a member of the Turkestan circle of archeology lovers, examined and photographed the remnants of the beautiful XIVth – XVth century mausoleum. Kok-Kesen in the vicinity of Sygnak. In 1914, the building collapsed, and when in 1927, orientalist A.Yu. Yakubovsky explored the site of ancient settlement, only a part of the southern arch portal and a heap of ruins remained of the mausoleum.
“It was enough to resort to several blows of the test,” writes A. Yu. Yakubovsky, “as a large number of blue, blue, and white tiles opened. Watering on them is of very high quality ... The blue color of watering, being excellent in tone from Samarkand and The Bukhara samples are not inferior to the best of them...
A large piece was found, all lined with a tiled mosaic, in which blue, white, blue, yellow and red inserts are given. Finally, a piece of carved non-irrigated terracotta bricks was also found on the surface. inspection was enough to say that Kok-Kesene was a magnificently tiled building. "
The architectural solution of the mausoleum was very peculiar: the portal building, square in plan, was crowned with a slender blue conical dome with a transition from a square to an octahedron and then a sixteen-sided one.
There was a crypt in the mausoleum, and above it was a tomb, on the dome there were Arabic inscriptions. According to the researchers, the mausoleum was built over the grave of the famous steppe khan Abulhair, whose grandson Khan Shaibani at the beginning of the 16th century. crushed the Timurids power.
The city was finally deserted, like many other Syrdarya cities, by the beginning of the XIX century, but still folk legends and legends keep it as a major shopping center on the Great Silk Road. Unfortunately, at this time, the mausoleum does not exist and the place where he was, hardly anyone will be able to show.

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