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Mausoleum of Kosaman.

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“God created temples in the midst of everyday life,
To pacify the earthly darkness
And he created mountains so that people
We did not forget the way to Him"

Yuri Klyuchnikov.

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The Kosaman mausoleum is located in the southern part of the Malye Barsuki sands at an altitude of 91 meters above sea level, 613 meters southwest of a small village surrounded by sands - Kosaman, the administrative center of the Kosaman rural district in the Aral district of the Kyzylorda region, 14.2 kilometers to the north and slightly east of the small village of Akespe-2, located at the southernmost tip of the sand Malye Barsuki.
From the Bay of Butakov, the mausoleum is located 16 kilometers to the north and slightly to the east. The mausoleum of Kosaman is located among the sands dating back to the 19th century. The monument is located on the top of a gentle hill, near the ancient coastal sea line.
To the south of it, the ruins of earlier buildings can be traced, and to the east, at the foot of the hill, are the remains of the muddy mud fences of saint tomb. The mausoleum is oriented with corners to the cardinal points.
The monument was built of adobe bricks and faced with fired bricks, has a foundation made of adobe blocks and untreated stone.
Geographic coordinates of the mausoleum of Kosaman: N46 ° 55'44.49 "E60 ° 33'58.42"

Alexander Petrov.

The photo
from the local history museum of the town of Aralsk.