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Mausoleum of Yerden.

Tours on archaeological site of Ulytau.

“He is not a man and not a scientist who does not keep the chronicles of the past in his heart. But the one who comprehended the history of the departed, he added many lives to his”.

Shihab ad-din an-Nasawi.

History of Ulytau architecture.

The Erden Mausoleum is located on the ancient Erden necropolis on the right (southern) bank of the drying up channel of the Karaganda River, 33 kilometers east and slightly south of the village of Ulytau and 20.3 kilometers north-east of the village of Ayrtau and 3.1 kilometers north and slightly west of Mount Akshoky, 605 meters above sea level, in the Ulytau district of the Ulytau region.
The mausoleum has eight corners, the outer and inner parts are made of polished red ceramics, the mausoleum has a single non-barrier portal filled with raw ceramics. According to the assumption of local ethnographers, the mausoleum was built by Serali leather.
The octagonal, domed mausoleum was built of baked bricks. From a young age, Erden Sandybaiuly (1808 - 1863) was known as a batyr and an orator. Father Sandybai biy is from the Bagynaly clan. Since childhood, Erden has been involved in management affairs.
For many years he held the positions of the volost ruler and senior sultan. In 1855 he took part in the inauguration of Emperor Alexander II as a delegate. He was in good diplomatic relations, both with the tsarist government and with the leader of the national liberation uprising Kenesary Khan.
Erden Sandybaiuly also participated in the withdrawal of the Kokand troops from Shu, Turkestan. Shortly after being appointed senior sultan, he died at the age of 54. Several works of Orynbai, Baltekeuly and Mukan akyns were dedicated to the courage and socio-political role of Yerden.
Geographic coordinates of the Yerden mausoleum: N48 ° 36'47.22 "E67 ° 26'45.35"

On the Foto. From left to right, first row: aga-sultan of the Atbasar district Yerden Sandybaiuly, aga-sultan of the Kokshetau district Shyngys Ualiuly (father of Ch. Valikhanov), aga-sultan of the Bayanaul external district Musa Shormanuly, volost ruler in Bayanaul Sekerbay Malgeldyuly, aga-sultan of Karkaralinsky district Kusbek-tore. In the second row from left to right: Khaliullah Oskenbayuly (Abai's uncle), famous kuishi Tattimbet, Kakabay Alshynbayuly (direct descendant of Kazbek biy), the volost ruler in Bayanaul Kusain Boshtayuly, Kulmaganbet mouth, Mustafa Baydalyuly, Volost Akkoshkar. On the back of the picture there is an inscription “Know Turan. XIX century".

Authority and photos:
Alexander Petrov.