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Mausoleum of Zhobalai bi.

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“ seemed a part of her life, to step from the ancient to the modern, back and forth. She felt rather sorry for those who knew only one and not the other. It was better, she thought, to be able to select from the whole menu of human achievements than to be bound within one narrow range” 

Orson Scott Card.

Make a journey to town Ayagoz.

The mausoleum of Zhbalai bi is in 18 kilometers to the West from the village of Madeniyet, the Ayagoz Region of East Kazakhstan region. Geographical coordinates of the mausoleum of Zhobalai bi - N47 56.017; E78 23.562.
Zhobalai bi 1700 year of birth, known biy of a sort of kerey, became famous for judiciousness and wise decisions between the patrimonial conflicts and disputes, was one of leaders of a sort under the leadership of whom resettlement from Altai to the valley of the river Bakanas after defeat the Zunghar was made.
The mausoleum is built on the place failed, having considerably the smaller sizes. Construction of a monument (apprx. 1924 - 1925) was undertaken at the initiative of the descendant Zhobalaya of Beysenbaya Toysarin who before (1916) put also a granite stele with the Arab graphic inscription.
Construction was conducted under the leadership of the master Estebaya. Thanks to participation of a large number of relatives and in advance prepared bricks, construction of the building managed to be finished in the shortest possible time (4 - 5 days) R. Tleuberlin reported (1903).
The monument is at the foot of the hill, in a northwest part of a necropolis. The mausoleum one the chamber, six-sided case of a monument in the plan gets married a dome is raised a parabolic outline, removed layings. In the basis of walls three rows of a stone are laid.
The entrance aperture blocked by an arch is in a southeast side of the case, other sides are decorated with superficial arch niches. In a dome at different height six light apertures are arranged. The mausoleum is built from an adobe brick of a rectangular format on clay solution.
In the camera there is a gravestone, and also fallen from a dome a pole with a metal sphere and a half moon. Side length - 4,5 m, height of the mausoleum is 8,6 m, thickness of walls - 1, 44 m. The stele with the Arab graphic inscription is to the West from the mausoleum, the inscription contains historical data on a sort kerey and the statement of Zhobalaya.
A front part with gracefully executed inscription originally was painted (the paint remains remained). The stele has great art value. In 2000 over adobe construction the portal dome mausoleum from a silicate brick was established.
The new monument in the plan six-sided, that is is repeated by the previous mausoleum, but architecture his other - high, the case gets married steep walls the sphere a conic dome on a dome drum. The dome gets married a heavy metal sphere a half moon.
The portal of the mausoleum is dismembered by a rectangular panel over an entrance and an arch on both sides from it. In the panels, top and right from an entrance, plates from black marble are established: on top the name Biya, a century and patrimonial accessory, on another - its saying is written.
Other sides of the case are also dismembered by composition from panels. The new building plays a role of the sarcophagus protecting the adobe mausoleum from atmospheric actions, but has no great art value.
The monument has great historical value because belongs to one of ancestors of a sort of kery. Besides, it is one of the most monumental adobe constructions of East Kazakhstan

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