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Mausoleum of Zhumagazy Khazret.

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“A feat for our people is not a sacrifice, but one of its everyday manifestations”

Vera Panova, "Sputniki".

Mausoleums of the West Kazakhstan region.

Mausoleum of Zhumagazy Khazret (Dadem-ata) is one of the most interesting monuments in the West Kazakhstan region. It is located on the 75th kilometer of the Uralsk-Aktobe highway. There is also a healing spring. Mausoleum of Zhumagazy Hazret is located in the rural district of Toganas, Syrym district.
Zhumagazy Khazret studied and worked for several years in the city of Turkestan in the Azret Sultan Khoja Ahmet Yassaui mosque. According to the descendant of Garifolla, his special abilities were observed from early childhood: “Once our father went to prayer.
After prayer and departure, Imam Zhumagazy asked: to whom did you worship during prayer? To which they answered him: as to whom, of course, to the imam. The boy did not agree: no, you worshiped the blue cow.
He was taken to the imam, who replied: while I was praying, I thought about whether my blue cow was behind the herd, and the boy found out about it; I was a drop, this boy was a lake. A lot of legends about the courage and dignity of Zhumagazy.
One of them says: “Having returned from Turkestan, Zhumagazy came to the elders of Kazakh tribes. They lived between the current Syrym and Terek regions. And he asked them for a camp. But the elders did not hear his request.
When Zhumagazy turned to leave, his back was already burning with fire. The elder who noticed this exclaimed: “Oh, my people, this person was not easy, we must fulfill his request and divide the land.” The modern pastures of Tamasay and Ubiyaz are probably the lands of Zhumagazy.
Despite the fact that the winter pasture was in Karaoba, the summer pasture was located in the southwest, on the lands of Kauyz and Tamasay. One of the following legends describing his exceptional qualities: “It is said that Zhumagazy drove an easy cart in the early autumn over the Ankata River, on which the ice had not yet frozen.
The ice that followed him could not stand the ice.” There are a large number of those who spend the night and make a pilgrimage. Descendants believe in his unique nature and worship him. On Kazakh soil, the savior of the country, merciful to the oppressed, the healer, enlightener, who were distinguished by their strength of mind, were always revered. And this tradition is preserved.