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Mayakovsky peak.

Ascent of a mountain Almaty.

“I am losing precious days. I am degenerating into a machine for making money. I am learning nothing in this trivial world of men. I must break away and get out into the mountains to learn the news” 

John Muir.

Rock climbing in North Tien-Shan.

Mayakovsky peak is located at the height of 4190 meters above sea level. Is in east part of A little Almaty spur in the ridge of Zailiysky Ala-Tau around a watershed of the rivers of Small Almaatinka and the Left Talgar.
Slopes are steep, are put by marble limestone and red granite. On a northwest slope the glacier of the same name is located. For the first time the peak is conquered in 1940, under the leadership of E. Alekseev on the western edge according to other data the first ascension is made in 1944 by climbers P. Semenov and L. Karapetyan.
The top is called in honor of the poet Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky - the Russian Soviet poet, one of the largest poets of the XXth century. Besides poetry he was the playwright, the continuity writer, the film director, the film actor, the artist, the editor of magazines "LEF", "Novy LEF".

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