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Memorial Pedagogical Museum named Ibrai Altynsarin.

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 "Schools are the main springs of the education of Kazakhs, in them the future of the Kazakh people"
“Like a hungry wolf for a ram, I took up the teaching of children with passion; and, to my extreme delight, these boys learned to read and even write in Russian and Tatar in just three months ... In a word, I hope that these fellows will speak decently for 4 years, after completing the course and learn a thing or two. I try with all my might to influence their morality, so that later they would not be bribe-takers."

Ibrai Altynsarin.

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Memorial Pedagogical Museum named Ibrai Altynsarin located in the settlement Turgai Zhangeldin district Kostanai region. Altynsarin can rightfully be called one of the founders of Kazakh realistic literature and literary language.
He penned the stories and novellas "Kypshak Seyit" ("Kypchak Seyit"), "Kiizuy men, agash uy" ("Kibitka and the house"), "Asylshup" ("Precious grass"), "Shehe men bala" ("Mother and son")," Bai men zarlybalasy" ("The son of a bai and the son of a poor man"), "Taza bulak" ("Pure spring").
It is noteworthy that in his pedagogical activity, the Kazakh teacher-educator emphasized the special role of fiction and attached great educational value to it.
Analyzing individual episodes from the life of Altynsarin, we can conclude that Ibrai-aғa was for his students not only a teacher who introduced them to letters, taught them to read and write, but also a personality of high spirituality and morality, who did not tolerate any manifestations of inner emptiness human.
So, according to the testimony of historians, in 1869 he entered the service in the Turgai district administration as a clerk, then acted as a senior assistant to the district chief and temporarily acted as a district judge.
On duty, he was in auls, participated in the elections of the volost governor and aul foremen. During the elections, Altynsarin tried to practically influence the success of a fair decision, not to give way to bribery, bribery and abuse.
Ibrai Altynsarin was a multifaceted personality. A tireless worker in the field of enlightenment, he became the creator and organizer of not only the first Russian-Kazakh secular public schools, but also special branch vocational schools, libraries and other cultural and educational institutions.
Historians note that collecting money from the local population to build a school, he also invested his own savings. No wonder the people have preserved the name of the school in Torgai, its "first swallow" - "kara shagyrak", as his brainchild was affectionately called in the steppe, the grand opening of which took place on January 8, 1864.
Ibrai Altynsarin wrote his famous poems "Kel, balalar, ogylyk!" It is difficult to overestimate the role of Ibrai Altynsarin in the life of Kazakhs - a teacher-educator, a public figure, a writer and just a versatile personality, it was he who laid the foundation for the secular education of this Turkic-speaking people.
The activist has a relationship with the village of Turgai: in January 1864, he opened the first school here on Kazakh soil. Several decades after its reconstruction, it turned into a memorial museum named after its founder.
After renovation, the museum was reopened in 1988. All this instills love of the young generation for knowledge and art. The building is easily recognizable by the monument located next to it. For the integrity of the image, the enlightener is depicted with a student, whom he holds by the hand.

Authority:  "To the anniversary of Ibrai Altynsarin ..."