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Moldir Lake in Shankoz Mountains.

Walk on lakes in Shankoz mountains.

“Raising a granite - with water - a bowl,
For centuries, the lake keeps the mountain.
It is called the Devil among the people ....
To the shore of the splashing silver.
Once upon a time, God cursing the devil
Threw a horned one: this is the hole
Where do you perish! ”

Sabit Mukanov. The poem "Sulushash".

Trip from Karkaralinsk to Shankoz mountains.

Lake Modir is located at an altitude of 911 meters above sea level, located 6.2 kilometers southeast of Lake Zhartas, 13.6 kilometers northwest of the village of Karkaralinsk, 11.8 kilometers north and slightly east of the mountain Koktobe, 1254 meters above sea level, in the northwestern part of the Shankoz mountain range on the territory of the Karkaralinsky National Park, in the Karkaralinsky district of the Karaganda region.
The Shankoz Mountains are characterized by a mattress-like form of relief, composed of separate blocks. Outcrops of granites form rocky mountains in the relief, rising steeply above the vast, slightly hilly steppe. As a result of erosion, the rocks acquired bizarre shapes - niches, towers, arches, canopies, etc.
A characteristic feature of the northern extremity of the mountains are small basin-shaped lakes in granite depressions on rocky hills. In the northern part of the Shankoz Mountains, up to 50 lakes are concentrated among granite rocks.
One of them is the picturesque lake Moldir framed by granite rocks. The lake is located at an altitude of 920 meters above sea level, stretched from north to south by 81 meters, the maximum width is 26 meters. The lake is home to perch and carp fish.
The western wall of the lake rises to 20 meters, the northern and northeastern shores of the lake are more gentle, but at least 1.5 - 3 meters remain to the water level. On the western side of the lake there is a granite ledge stretching from south to north, more than 20 meters long, from which you can well contemplate the panorama of the lake.
It should be noted that the name of the lake is not geographical, one of the tourists left the inscription "Moldir" on the western wall. The southern part of the lake is overgrown with pines and shrubs. In the south and west of the lake there are about 15 lakes in granite depressions, the largest of them up to 20 meters long.
At present, the Shankoz Mountains are a specially protected area in the Karkaraly Natural Park, and it is difficult or completely impossible to get permission to visit here.
Geographical coordinates of Lake Moldir: N49°28'45.80" E75°19'25.58"

Authority and photos
Alexander Petrov.