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Monument of Bata.

Modern monuments in Nur-Sultan.

“Only through light we see beauty !!!”

A.N. Abramov.

A trip from Nur-Sultan to the village of Shortandy.

Bata - from the Kazakh “blessing”, the author figuratively called his creation. All those who come and leave Astana will be greeted and escorted by this symbol of good parting words.
The monument is presented in the form of an arch and symbolizes the threshold of the "Bosag" - the beginning of the path.
There you can see the “demon” - the cradle, the personification of life, male and female beginnings. The basis is "taituyak" - well-being and prosperity in the family.
The disk, located in the upper part of the monument, which is a Tengrian sign, reflects the sun and sky with its mirror surface.
Water in the form of a fountain serves as a source of life and is a logical addition to the symbols of everyday life. It was opened on June 10, 2000. The monument is located on the forecourt.

"Guide to Astana and Akmola region."